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The Glittering Hour An unforgettable historical novel about true love found and lost and the secrets we keep from one another from an award winning author Selina Lennox is a Bright Young Thing Her life is a whirl of parties and drinking, pursued by the press and staying on just the right side of scandal, all while running from the life her parents would choose for herLawrence Weston is a penniless painter who stumbles into Selina s orbit one night and can never let her go even while knowing someone of her stature could never end up with someone of his Except Selina falls hard for Lawrence, envisioning a life of true happiness But when tragedy strikes, Selina finds herself choosing what s safe over what s rightSpanning two decades and a seismic shift in British history as World War II approaches, Iona Grey s The Glittering Hour is an epic novel of passion, heartache and loss

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    Any book that can make me cry like that is deserving of a solid 5 stars I will start by saying that the synopsis of this novel didn t attract or stand out to me However, when I received this book in the mail from the publisher, I simply had a good feeling about it and when my Traveling Sister Brenda suggested starting it right away, I dove right in Wow these

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    3.5 starsHe had no place in her world, amongst her people, and nodid she belong in his Love, Secrets, Tragedy, Choices, Love Lost, LongingSelina Lennox grew up in luxury She was at the hottest parties and events Staying out late, partying and enjoying her life Lawrence Weston was a poor photographer and painter who has a chance meeting with Selina That chance me

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    Oh my goodness This book Don t you love it when a book with that kind of cover comes into your life, one you have been anticipating reading for months now, and it lives up to your every expectation The Glittering Hour was just that kind of read for me.The Glittering Hour is set in England during the 1920s and 30s, in the time leading up to WWII Immediately, I was ex

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    3.5 starsWith my wine glass in hand, I started my own glitter hour and was swept away into the glitter and secrets of our endearing characters.Glittering Hour is a slow burning dramatic, flamboyantly written story that explores lost love and family secrets It s a bit wordy and I found myself lost in the words and losing focus for the story at times I loved both timeline

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    Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestI received an ARC of this and decided to read it on a whim because something about the idea of reading a book set in the roaring twenties while in the 2020s felt like achieving parity I wasn t really sure what to expect of THE GLITTERING HOUR, but reading it was a lot like reading one of those bloated, sensationalist historical epics that

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    4.5 starsWhen I was first asked to join the blog tour for Iona Grey s latest novel The Glittering Hour , I was a little apprehensive at first, as I had never heard of this author before and of course hadn t read her debut novel Letters to the Lost , which came out back in 2015 After reading the summary for the book though and seeing that it fell into one of my favorite genres h

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    I normally compose my reviews right after finishing a book but after finishing The Glittering Hour I had to wait I had to compose myself first So with tears still in my eyes, I would like to share how deeply this book moved me First of all, it completely transports the reader to both timelines in 1925 when we meet free spirited Selina and then in 1936 when we meet her daughter Alic

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    Favorite Quotes Blackwood Park was full of ghosts Its empty corridors echoed with the whispers of lost voices and snatches of old laughter It was a house where the past feltvivid than the present, which was nothingthan a stretch of endless days fading into uniform blankness there was a bowl of paperwhite daffodils on the table by her armchair Their delicate perfume was fresh in a room

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    I was excited for The Glittering Hour because it was a historical fiction novel not set in the WWII era As much as I love that time period honestly, it s my favorite , it has become overdone in novels recently We need variety as readers and this book seemed to give us that reprieve.The Glittering Hour is set in dual time periods, in 1925 with The Bright Young People, a frivolous set of Bri

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    This was my first book to read of the year and was also a 5 star read, and a SOLID 5 start read at that I loved this book, and I can t really gush enough Iona Grey has done an amazing job, and we are blessed for that We have made sure to stock this book in our family s bookstore, Books n Bears and I have been recommending it left and right My customers that have read it have only had positive

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About the Author: Iona Grey

Iona Grey has a degree in English Literature and Language from Manchester University, an obsession with history and an enduring fascination with the lives of women in the twentieth century She lives in the rural North West of England with her husband and three daughters She is the award winning author of Letters to the Lost, and her new book The Glittering Hour is on sale October 17 2019 UK and December 10, 2019 US She tweets iona_grey and is on instagram as ionagreyhttps lp the gli