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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Chapter One The House Stood On A Slight Rise Just On The Edge Of Thevillage It Stood On Its Own And Looked Out Over A Broadspread Of West Country Farmland Not A Remarkable Houseby Any Meansit Was About Thirty Years Old, Squattish, Squarish, Made Of Brick, And Had Four Windows Set In The Front Of A Size And Proportion Whichor Less Exactly Failed To Please The Eye.The Only Person For Whom The House Was In Any Way Special Was Arthur Dent, And That Was Only Because It Happened To Be The One He Lived In He Had Lived In It For About Three Years, Ever Since He Had Moved Out Of London Because It Made Him Nervous And Irritable He Was About Thirty As Well, Tall, Dark Haired And Never Quite At Ease With Himself The Thing That Used To Worry Him Most Was The Fact That People Always Used To Ask Him What He Was Looking So Worried About He Worked In Local Radio Which He Always Used To Tell His Friends Was A Lotinteresting Than They Probably Thought It Was, Toomost Of His Friends Worked In Advertising.On Wednesday Night It Had Rained Very Heavily, The Lane Was Wet And Muddy, But The Thursday Morning Sun Was Bright And Clear As It Shone On Arthur Dents House For What Was To Be The Last Time.It Hadnt Properly Registered Yet With Arthur That The Council Wanted To Knock It Down And Build A Bypass Instead At Eight Oclock On Thursday Morning Arthur Didnt Feel Very Good He Woke Up Blearily, Got Up, Wandered Blearily Round His Room, Opened A Window, Saw A Bulldozer, Found His Slippers, And Stomped Off To The Bathroom To Wash.Toothpaste On The Brushso Scrub.Shaving Mirrorpointing At The Ceiling He Adjusted It For A Moment It Reflected A Second Bulldozer Through The Bathroom Window Properly Adjusted, It Reflected Arthur Dents Bristles He Shaved Them Off, Washed, Dried And Stomped Off To The Kitchen To Find Something Pleasant To Put In His Mouth.Kettle, Plug, Fridge, Milk, Coffee Yawn.The Word Bulldozer Wandered Through His Mind For A Moment In Search Of Something To Connect With.The Bulldozer Outside The Kitchen Window Was Quite A Big One.He Stared At It.Yellow, He Thought, And Stomped Off Back To His Bedroom To Get Dressed.Passing The Bathroom He Stopped To Drink A Large Glass Of Water, And Another He Began To Suspect That He Was Hung Over Why Was He Hung Over Had He Been Drinking The Night Be Fore He Supposed That He Must Have Been He Caught A Glint In The Shaving Mirror Yellow, He Thought, And Stomped On To The Bedroom.He Stood And Thought The Pub, He Thought Oh Dear, The Pub He Vaguely Remembered Being Angry, Angry About Something That Seemed Important Hed Been Telling People About It, Telling People About It At Great Length, He Rather Suspected His Clearest Visual Recollection Was Of Glazed Looks On Other Peoples Faces Something About A New Bypass Hed Just Found Out About It Had Been In The Pipeline For Months Only No One Seemed To Have Known About It Ridiculous He Took A Swig Of Water It Would Sort Itself Out, Hed Decided, No One Wanted A Bypass, The Council Didnt Have A Leg To Stand On It Would Sort Itself Out.God, What A Terrible Hangover It Had Earned Him Though He Looked At Himself In The Wardrobe Mirror He Stuck Out His Tongue Yellow, He Thought The Word Yellow Wandered Through His Mind In Search Of Something To Connect With.Fifteen Seconds Later He Was Out Of The House And Lying In Front Of A Big Yellow Bulldozer That Was Advancing Up His Garden Path.Mr L Prosser Was, As They Say, Only Human In Other Words He Was A Carbon Based Bipedal Life Form Descended From An Ape More Specifically He Was Forty, Fat And Shabby And Worked For The Local Council Curiously Enough, Though He Didnt Know It, He Was Also A Direct Male Line Descendant Of Genghis Khan, Though Intervening Generations And Racial Mixing Had So Juggled His Genes That He Had No Discernible Mongoloid Characteristics, And The Only Vestiges Left In Mr L Prosser Of His Mighty Ancestry Were A Pronounced Stoutness About The Tum And A Predilection For Little Fur Hats.He Was By No Means A Great Warrior In Fact He Was A Nervous, Worried Man Today He Was Particularly Nervous And Worried Because Something Had Gone Seriously Wrong With His Job, Which Was To See That Arthur Dents House Got Cleared Out Of The Way Before The Day Was Out.Come Off It, Mr Dent, He Said, You Cant Win, You Know You Cant Lie In Front Of The Bulldozer Indefinitely He Tried To Make His Eyes Blaze Fiercely But They Just Wouldnt Do It.Arthur Lay In The Mud And Squelched At Him.Im Game, He Said, Well See Who Rusts First.Im Afraid Youre Going To Have To Accept It, Said Mr Prosser, Gripping His Fur Hat And Rolling It Round The Top Of His Head This Bypass Has Got To Be Built And Its Going To Be Built First Ive Heard Of It, Said Arthur, Whys It Got To Be Built Mr Prosser Shook His Finger At Him For A Bit, Then Stopped And Put It Away Again.What Do You Mean, Whys It Got To Be Built He Said Its A Bypass Youve Got To Build Bypasses.Bypasses Are Devices That Allow Some People To Dash From Point A To Point B Very Fast While Other People Dash From Point B To Point A Very Fast People Living At Point C, Being A Point Directly In Between, Are Often Given To Wonder Whats So Great About Point A That So Many People From Point B Are So Keen To Get There, And Whats So Great About Point B That So Many People From Point A Are So Keen To Get There They Often Wish That People Would Just Once And For All Work Out Where The Hell They Wanted To Be.Mr Prosser Wanted To Be At Point D Point D Wasnt Anywhere In Particular, It Was Just Any Convenient Point A Very Long Way From Points A, B And C He Would Have A Nice Little Cottage At Point D, With Axes Over The Door, And Spend A Pleasant Amount Of Time At Point E, Which Would Be The Nearest Pub To Point D His Wife Of Course Wanted Climbing Roses, But He Wanted Axes He Didnt Know Whyhe Just Liked Axes He Flushed Hotly Under The Derisive Grins Of The Bulldozer Drivers.He Shifted His Weight From Foot To Foot, But It Was Equally Uncomfortable On Each Obviously Somebody Had Been Appallingly Incompetent And He Hoped To God It Wasnt Him.Mr Prosser Said, You Were Quite Entitled To Make Any Suggestions Or Protests At The Appropriate Time, You Know.Appropriate Time Hooted Arthur Appropriate Time The First I Knew About It Was When A Workman Arrived At My Home Yesterday I Asked Him If Hed Come To Clean The Windows And He Said No, Hed Come To Demolish The House He Didnt Tell Me Straight Away Of Course Oh No First He Wiped A Couple Of Windows And Charged Me A Fiver Then He Told Me.But Mr Dent, The Plans Have Been Available In The Local Planning Office For The Last Nine Months.Oh Yes, Well, As Soon As I Heard I Went Straight Round To See Them, Yesterday Afternoon You Hadnt Exactly Gone Out Of Your Way To Call Attention To Them, Had You I Mean, Like Actually Telling Anybody Or Anything.But The Plans Were On Display.On Display I Eventually Had To Go Down To The Cellar To Find Them.Thats The Display Department.With A Flashlight.Ah, Well, The Lights Had Probably Gone.So Had The Stairs.But Look, You Found The Notice, Didnt You Yes, Said Arthur, Yes I Did It Was On Display In The Bottom Of A Locked Filing Cabinet Stuck In A Disused Lavatory With A Sign On The Door Saying Beware Of The Leopard.A Cloud Passed Overhead It Cast A Shadow Over Arthur Dent As He Lay Propped Up On His Elbow In The Cold Mud It Cast A Shadow Over Arthur Dents House Mr Prosser Frowned At It.Its Not As If Its A Particularly Nice House, He Said.Im Sorry, But I Happen To Like It.Youll Like The Bypass.Oh, Shut Up, Said Arthur Dent Shut Up And Go Away, And Take Your Bloody Bypass With You You Havent Got A Leg To Stand On And You Know It.Mr Prossers Mouth Opened And Closed A Couple Of Times While His Mind Was For A Moment Filled With Inexplicable But Terribly Attractive Visions Of Arthur Dents House Being Consumed With Fire And Arthur Himself Running Screaming From The Blazing Ruin With At Least Three Hefty Spears Protruding From His Back Mr Prosser Was Often Bothered With Visions Like These And They Made Him Feel Very Nervous He Stuttered For A Moment And Then Pulled Himself Together.Mr Dent, He Said.Hello Yes Said Arthur.Some Factual Information For You Have You Any Idea How Much Damage That Bulldozer Would Suffer If I Just Let It Roll Straight Over You How Much Said Arthur.None At All, Said Mr Prosser, And Stormed Nervously Off Wondering Why His Brain Was Filled With A Thousand Hairy Horsemen All Shouting At Him.By A Curious Coincidence, None At All Is Exactly How Much Suspicion The Ape Descendant Arthur Dent Had That One Of His Closest Friends Was Not Descended From An Ape, But Was In Fact From A Small Planet Somewhere In The Vicinity Of Betelgeuse And Not From Guildford As He Usually Claimed.Arth Ce Texte Fait R F Rence Une Dition Puis E Ou Non Disponible De Ce Titre.Don T Panic Here Are Words Of Praise For The Hitchhiker S Guide To The Galaxy It S Science Fiction And It S Extremely Funnyinspired Lunacy That Leaves Hardly A Science Fiction Cliche Alive.Washington PostThe Feckless Protagonist, Arthur Dent, Is Reminiscent Of Vonnegut Heroes, And His Travels Afford A Wild Satire Of Present Institutions.Chicago TribuneVery Simply, The Book Is One Of The Funniest SF Spoofs Ever Written, With Hyperbolic Ideas Folding In On Themselves.School Library JournalAs Parody, It S Marvelous It Contains Just About Every Science Fiction Cliche You Can Think Of As Humor, It S, Well, Hysterical Ce Texte Fait R F Rence Une Dition Puis E Ou Non Disponible De Ce Titre.

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En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Douglas Adams auteurs dans le monde.

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